Ton Of Fun

Was your New Years resolution to eat better and live healthier?  Could you use a little support and guidance?  Then join us for our 12 week nutrition program and weight loss challenge!

As a participant, you will work on your own to lose weight, but we'll provide the support along the way:

  • Weekly eNewsletter filled with tips and healthy recipes
  • Closed group on Facebook with unlimited access to our coaches and nutrition experts
  • Group workout opportunity
  • Fun ideas to get out and moving around Decatur
  • Special in-store shopping discounts
  • Prize incentives along the way for meeting your goal

Mt. Zion Jazzercize has stepped up and offered free classes during this 12 week program. 

Participants will weigh in at the store weekly in our private dressing rooms.  We will keep a record of your weight loss and reward you for completing your weigh ins and for meeting our "Race Club" milestones:

  • 5K Club (3.1lbs in weight loss)
  • 10K Club (6.2lbs in weight loss)
  • Half Marathon Club (13.1lbs in weight loss)
  • Marathon Club (26.2lbs in weight loss)
  • Ultra Club (any weight loss 26.3lbs or more)

How much does the program cost?

There are two program price options.  However, with either option you will earn the program fee back and MORE in prizes and incentives if you stick with the program!

Option A: $50

This option is for those that may already belong to a gym or have a workout routine and would like the nutritional help and accountability.

Option B: $100

This option includes the benefits of the Tons of Fun program as well as participation in our NO BOUNDARIES program.  A 10 week training program to get you ready for a 5k.  All levels of walkers and runners are welcome.  Our No Boundaries program includes:

  • Dedicated support & individual attention from your Coach
  • 2 Group training sessions during the week
  • New Balance technical apparel, including the No Boundaries technical tee
  • Information clinics on tops such as proper footwear, injury prevention and nutrition
  • Gear-Up shopping days for participants only, with special discounts
  • Accountability for your participation from your Coach
  • The camaraderie of others like you with the same goal!
  • (Our graduation race will be on May 28 and the $100 does not include the race entry fee)

With both options participants will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Fleet Feet - Decatur, IL after completing 8 weekly weigh-ins AND losing 2% of your body weight. (eg, a 200lb person has to lose 4lbs).  You will receive another $25 Gift Certificate to Fleet Feet - Decatur, IL if you lose at least 5% of your body weight by May 28.  (eg, a 200lb person has to lose 10lbs.  

Are you ready to commit?

To register, sign up by in person at the store.  Shortly after you register you'll receive an invitation to our closed Facebook group page.  After the program begins you will receive our weekly eNewsletter.

Then, mark your calendars for March 5th for our program kick-off and stop by the store anytime from 10am-5pm.  Come prepared to have your first official weigh-in!  All weigh-ins will be done privately in one of our dressing rooms and your weight will NEVER be revealed to others.  After the initial weigh-in, we will set up a time for you to come in weekly.  We will be doing weigh-ins on Tuesdays from 10am-7pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm.  


Stop by our informational booth February 16th, 5pm-7pm or March 5th, 10am-1pm at Fleet Feet Sports.

 There will also be a meetings at 6:00pm and 6:30pm for those interested in No Boundaries I and No Boundaries II. 

Click here to register.

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Program Start: Saturday, March 5th, 2016
Program Fee: $50
Description: A 12 week weight loss challenge/Introduce the idea of creating a life style change.

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