Positive Retail Growth with a sense of Community

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A retail business area in the West End has undergone a dramatic transformation of change and growth in the past couple years and patrons are excited and residents are thrilled with the positive revitalization in an area so close to their neighborhoods.

The area is South Oakland near Wood Street, southeast of Millikin University, and it primarily consists of locally-born and custom establishments including several long-standing businesses that have undergone big changes as well as newcomers with high energy and vision.

One of these newcomers is Blue Spoon on Oakwood (an aptly-titled nod to the area), a morning food establishment serving breakfast to the residents of the West End and Oakwood. Owner Donovan Marschner attended Millikin University and lives in the west end. He opened for business in September 2013 and has become another unique fit to this neighborhood area.

Donovan contributes his instant success not only to high street visibility and his excellent breakfast offerings, but also to the special neighborhood area and his merchant neighbors,
“The West End is a unique community within Decatur and Oakwood is a community itself within the West End.”

Oakwood retail merchants include:

These businesses and many others are members of the Oakwood Business Association which consists of West End merchants coming together on projects that benefit everyone as the area continues to grow.  Future activities in the area include the ever-popular outdoor Oakwood Street Festivals which run once a month from May to October. The free Saturday block parties are open to all ages and offer attendees local live music, eclectic cuisine, cold beverages, dancing and fun.

All of these changes have not gone unnoticed by other merchants and Decatur residents. In Donovan Marchner’s words, “Oakwood is getting better and better! Come visit us and our neighbors and see positive retail growth and change in Decatur!”

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