The Big Run 2017

Ready to run in the biggest Fleet Feet Sports event ever? Welcome to The Big Run!

Ready to run in the biggest Fleet Feet Sports event ever? 

Welcome to The Big Run!

On June 7, select Fleet Feet Sports locations nationwide will hold a local 5K race. All results will funnel up into a national leaderboard to determine: who is the fastest runner in the country?

But speed isn't the only thing that counts. We want to see the whole community participate because, seriously, running together rocks. Let us recap the ways:

You get to join Fleet Feet Sports communities across the country in doing something we've never done before—a nationally-coordinated 5K race taking place in different locations all on the same day.

It's on a Wednesday—who couldn't use a mid-week pump-up?

We know some people. And some pretty cool brands (cough, cough, Brooks). Let's just say, we're planning some fun raffle giveaways.

The Big Run coincides with Global Running Day and is open to runners of all levels and abilities.

Stay tuned for more info coming in late March!

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